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Help your employees stay on the path toward better overall health and higher productivity with LifeSmile materials from Delta Dental of South Dakota.

Encourage a healthy LifeSmile® at your company

Healthy employees can create significant healthcare savings, and are more likely to stay with your company longer.

Our LifeSmile materials help you improve and maintain your employees' oral and overall health.

Included below are:

  • Short articles (100-300 words) about oral health and dental benefits, each with an accompanying photo or graphic: and
  • A library of .pdf documents about a variety of oral health topics.

These materials are for you to use in employee communications and wellness program and employee benefits information.

You are welcome to edit the articles to fit your specific plan. And copy, paste, download, share, and forward are encouraged!

How to share #SmilePower with your employees:

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    Company newsletter;

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    Employee intranet site;

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    Wellness program messages;

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    Employee social media groups;

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    HR information system;

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    Breakroom bulletin boards;

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    Benefit fairs;

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    and more!

What's the connection between oral and overall health?

Oral health is a vital part of overall health. When our mouths, gums or teeth aren't healthy, our bodies may be more susceptible to other serious conditions.

Although largely preventible, tooth decay and gum disease are among the most common chronic diseases in the United States. 

Studies show oral health conditions like gum disease are linked with many health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, rheumetoid arthritis, and pregnancy complications.

That's why supporting your employees' oral health can make a difference in their health, wellbeing, and productivity and save your company money in healthcare costs.

Want to know more?

Our white paper, "Oral health is health" explains the science and economics of improving oral health.

LifeSmile® library

Oral health articles

Ease Your Fear Of The Dentist.700x394.png
dental sealants protect kids from cavities.700x394.png
Protect Your Babys Smile By Age 1.700x394.png
Pregnancy and oral health.700x394.png
dental checkups detect other health issues.700x394.png

Dental benefits articles

mobile app.700x394.png
3 steps to maximize your dental plan.700x394.png
dental benefits focus on preventive care.700x394.png
dental benefits save you money.700x394.png


Topic-specific files ready for printing (1-side on 8.5x11 paper) or download for sharing.