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Mobile Program

The mission of our Mobile Program is to help children who don't have access to dental care.

About our Mobile Program

Our passion to help kids, especially those least able to access or afford dental care, is why our Mobile Program serves more than 6,250 kids across South Dakota every year.

The program includes two trucks - Molar 1 and Molar 2 - that are fully equipped mobile dental clinics that provide preventive, diagnostic and restorative care.

Dental hygienists and community health workers based on the state's Native American reservations also provide preventive care and oral health education.

Delta Dental of South Dakota manages, operates and staffs the mobile trucks. Local community agencies act as site partners to host a truck visit, and local sponsors contribute a modest stipend for the visit.

Care provided through the Mobile Program is at no cost to the child or family. No insurance is necessary.


Watch our story 

Every smile tells a story, and we've seen more than 45,000 of them on our Mobile Trucks. 

For site partners

Interested in having us visit your community (being a local site partner)? We have resources to help you request and plan for a truck visit.

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Where are they?

Our community calendar shows the schedule of our mobile program and other community activities.


For more information 

Vickie Samuelson

Mobile Program Logistics Coordinator

Zach Parsons

Mobile Program Services Manager