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Protecting employee smiles

Keep employees smiling and keep your business strong with dental benefits from Delta Dental of South Dakota, the state's most experienced oral health company.

Our dental plans

Whether you have two employees or two thousand, we offer a variety of plans, product features and funding options to help you create healthy smiles and a healthy bottom line.

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A dental plan is good for business

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    Attract & retain quality employees

    • 88% of employees say better benefits - including dental - are key factors when they consider choosing a job. (1)

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    Oral health affects productivity

    • 1 in every 12 South Dakota adults report missing work because of the condition of their mouth and teeth. 1 in 10 say it affects their ability to do normal tasks. (2)

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    Dental benefits promote good oral health

    • 78% of Americans are more likely to seek preventive or restorative care if they have dental benefits. (3)

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    Oral health is connected to overall health

    • Poor oral health can lead to and worsen serious overall health issues. More than 90% of all systemic diseases - like diabetes and heart disease - are linked to oral health. (4)

Not sure how to start?

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Employee wellness

Help your employees stay on the path toward better overall health and higher productivity with our LifeSmile materials.

Maximize your benefits

Our Prevention Pays feature is now included in our fully insured plans. On average, the feature extends an additional $500 in coverage every year!

Prevention Pays
Customized benefits

Our innovative program adds preventive care benefits based on each person's oral health needs.

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Employer tools 

Online billing

View and download your invoice and enrollment roster with our Employer Connect online billing access.

Online eligibility

Manage enrollment information for your company plan with our Employer Connect online eligiblity access.

Enrollment change form

Make changes to your group's enrollment roster of primary members and dependents.

Qualifying event form

Notify us of a change in coverage status for an an enrolled primary member or dependent.

Electronic Funds Transfer form

Set up an automatic funds transfer to auto-pay your monthly invoice.

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