Being a nonprofit

Delta Dental of South Dakota is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote and advance oral health in South Dakota.

Unlike for-profit companies, we do not have shareholders, and we're governed by IRS rules that place strict limitations on how we operate and how we use our income and assets.

What does that mean for our members?

As a nonprofit, we pay the lion's share of our members' premium dollars back to pay claims for their dental care. A percentage is used to support our Foundation's work in local communities. And we keep a small percentage to run our business, pay taxes, and save for financial reserves.

What does that mean for South Dakota?

We're proud to serve our state by investing in efforts to improve oral health and access to dental care, especially for those who can least afford it. That's why our Foundation provides dental care to thousands of kids every year and supports a variety of oral and overall health programs in our communities.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile, and it's the core principle of our work everyday.

"We always strive to do well as a business so we can do good for people in South Dakota." ~ Scott Jones, President & CEO

About us

We've been working to improve oral health in South Dakota since 1963.

Giving back

Direct care for kids, supporting the dental workforce, and oral health education are just a few ways we live our mission in communities across South Dakota.

Our Foundation

The DDSD Foundation is how we invest in improving oral health and access to care in South Dakota.