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Qualifying events: changing your dental plan mid-year

While open enrollment is when to sign up or change your dental plan, there are times you can make changes in the middle of the plan year. These are called ‘qualifying events.’

What’s a qualifying event?

A qualifying event is one that changes your life situation. The most common are:

  • Getting married or divorced;
  • Having a baby or adopting a child;
  • Retirement or other end of employment;
  • Death of a family member; and
  • Losing eligibility under a parent’s plan.

What Can Be Changed?

The change must be related to the qualifying event. For example, if you have a baby while you are on a single person plan, you may change to a family plan and add your new child to your plan.

When Can Changes Be Made?

Generally, the change must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event. Otherwise, you may have to wait for the next open enrollment period.

Who Makes the Changes?

Contact Human Resources to make a qualifying event change to your dental plan. Human Resources will submit the change to Delta Dental of South Dakota.

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