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Knowledge suite

Broker toolkit 

Add value for your clients by becoming a dental benefits expert with these videos, resources, and reference materials.

Our broker toolkit includes videos and information resources that will help you explain why dental plans are an important part of an employer's benefit package and the plan features and options offered by Delta Dental of South Dakota.

Why dental benefits?

Make the case with 6 reasons that explain the value of a dental plan.

Why Delta Dental of South Dakota?

We're an experienced carrier and nonprofit company with a passion to improve oral health in South Dakota.

Comparing dental plans

Plan proposals may seem similar, but attention to details can pay off. Our guide can help you get the best value.

Plan features & options

See what sets our plans apart with our Health through Oral Wellness program and a Prevention Pays feature that maximizes benefits.

Plan documents

Plan summaries, group application forms, and plan feature flyers in [.pdf] format for your use in client proposals.


Our broker partnerships

We offer resources to help explain the importance of good oral health and the value of dental benefits to your clients.

The DDSD Advantage

Find out what sets Delta Dental of South Dakota apart in dental benefits with 10 advantages we offer to your clients.

Why buy dental benefits?

Learn the value of dental insurance, the impact it can have on your health, and why our dental plans help protect your smile.

Health through Oral Wellness

Our popular Health through Oral Wellness program adds preventive care benefits to patients who need them most.

Prevention Pays

Our Prevention Pays plan feature covers preventive care beyond the member's annual maximum benefit.

Maximum Bonus Account

Plans that include our Maximum Bonus Account feature let members bank unused benefits to future years.

Dental benefits 

Oral health and overall health 

Frequent questions 

No. However, in some plans there may be a waiting period before coverage begins for certain services.

No. Dentists in our networks have agreed to accept our payment (and any patient co-insurance or deductible if applicable) as full payment. If the employee visits a non-participating dentist, the difference may be billed to the member.

Members are free to go to any dentist. However, they may have higher out-of-pocket costs and would be subject to balance billing if they go to a non-participating dentist. Be comfortable knowing 98% of South Dakota dentists are members of our networks.

Our plans for members of the SD Retailers Association require as few as two employees for orthodontic coverage. Other plans generally require 10 or more employees for orthodontic coverage.

As part of the nation’s leading benefits provider, we cover employees located outside of South Dakota in the same way they’re covered within South Dakota. Payment is based upon the lesser of:

  1. the dentist's actual charge;
  2. maximum Delta Dental plan allowance in the state where the services are provided; or
  3. the dentist's filed fees if he/she is a Delta Dental participating dentist.

Delta Dental of South Dakota also offers national coverage designed specifically for multi-state employer groups. With national coverage, employers have the advantage of centralized, single-site administration and have access to the largest network of dentists nationwide.   

We can do that! We’re happy to help you respond to your client's needs. Our wide selection of plans with flexible options allows us to meet the needs of employers that are large, or not so large; new or established; local or national. And we can design a custom plan that fits their budget and benefit needs.

No, but we appreciate your enthusiasm. We prefer to invoice the group for the first month's premium once all of the eligibility data has been received.

For groups over 50 employees, enrollment information may be submitted by electronic file. Otherwise, Delta Dental forms must be used unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Commissions are paid quarterly.