Why the Tooth Fairy is an important character for kids

  • Author: Shelby Tatomir

The Tooth Fairy hovers silently, fluttering down to collect lost teeth from beneath the pillows of sleeping children. In place of the tooth, she leaves a treasure for the child to find in the morning.

Why is sharing this legend important? Leaving gifts from the Tooth Fairy is a great way to help make losing teeth less scary and more exciting for kids. And it can be a great introduction into good oral health habits.

Here are some tips to ways parents can use the legend to promote good habits for a lifetime of good oral health.

Introduce the Tooth Fairy early on

Kids generally  start losing baby teeth around age six. Before this age, parents can teach kids about the Tooth Fairy and let them know that good oral health habits and healthy teeth make her happy. An early introduction to the Tooth Fairy is also a good way to prepare them for what to expect when a tooth starts to wiggle.

Kids not wanting to brush and floss? Remind them that the Tooth Fairy is only looking for healthy baby teeth, not teeth with cavities. This will help get kids excited about taking care of their teeth.

Leave a note reinforcing good habits

A personalized note from the Tooth Fairy could be as exciting for kids as the gift she leaves behind. Parents should include tips for important oral health habits that the Tooth Fairy wants kids to practice, such as brushing twice a day, limiting candy and sweetened drinks, flossing regularly and visiting the dentist.

Give oral health gifts

Although the Tooth Fairy leaves cash for kids in 99 percent of the homes she visits, a few children receive toys, gum or other gifts.

If the family tradition has always included money, you don’t have to stop. Consider giving both cash and a new toothbrush and fun-flavored toothpaste to reinforce good oral health habits.

Or how about a new book? There are several children’s books about Tooth Fairy adventures that can add to the Tooth Fairy excitement. Click here to check out our favorite 5 Fun Tooth Fairy Books.

Make it easy for the “Tooth Fairy”

Also gone are the days of worrying about not being able to find the tiny tooth under the pillow in the middle of the night. Spend some quality DIY time with your child to make a special tooth holder for the nightstand. The craft time is also a good opportunity to talk about oral health, or even just share stories about how the tradition works in other countries around the world.

For more information and ideas to make your child’s Tooth Fairy experience extra special, visit www.theoriginaltoothfairypoll.com.

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