5 Fun Tooth Fairy Books

Move over princesses and dinosaurs—Tooth Fairy books are the new stars in town. Why? They offer parents a fun teachable moment about oral health and that “magical being” that takes teeth and exchanges them for presents. These fun Tooth Fairy books can do the explaining while enchanting your little ones.

Our short list of 5 fun books about the Tooth Fairy to help you out:

1. The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, Natasha Wing

Based on the famous Christmas poem from Clement C. Moore, this picture book is fun to read to or with young children about what happens to lose teeth. It’s an illustrated journey through the fear and excitement that comes with a little one’s first loose tooth and their encounter with the Tooth Fairy

2. What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? Denise Barry

For kids who still have all their baby teeth intact, the title of this Tooth Fairy book is a serious question. They’ve never met the Tooth Fairy, so they’re unfamiliar with her abilities. The story provides a lovely, watercolor glimpse inside the world of the mysterious—and sometimes mischievous—sprite through a child’s imagination.

3. The Tooth Fairy (Peppa Pig), Scholastic

Peppa Pig is at it again in this Scholastic book about losing her first tooth. Despite frequently playing dentist with her brother George, Peppa Pig is unsure of what to do when her first tooth falls out. Children get to follow along as Peppa Pig goes on a journey they soon will too.

4. How to Catch the Tooth Fairy, Adam Wallace

What time does the Tooth Fairy start work? How does she get to your house? These questions and more are answered in this cute look at what makes the Tooth Fairy so hard to capture.

5. Toothville, Swampline Comics

This modern take on Tooth Fairy mythology offers a more visual treat for fans of comics and older children who have some Tooth Fairy experience.  Set in the world of tooth fairies, readers follow along with Tilda Hillfairy as she works to save Toothville from Earthbound scientist Johann Dipplurger and his special toothpaste. Will she be able to stop Dipplurger in time to save Toothville?

Want to learn more about the Tooth Fairy? Check out this infographic.

*Updated February 2022