Don't let plaque stick around! Teach kids to floss project

Flossing is an important part of keeping your mouth healthy, even for kids. Baby teeth are vital to development, so flossing should start when your child has two teeth that touch. It removes plaque and food debris that can lead to cavities.

This fun and easy teaching project can help them understand how flossing works and why it's important. 

Use Play-Doh, a pipe cleaner, and the underside of an ice tray to demonstrate how food and bacteria get stuck in between the teeth. Then, use the pipe cleaner to floss away the sugar bugs.


- Play-Doh

- A pipe cleaner

- Ice tray

By running the pipe cleaner along the outer edges of the tray, we can more effectively remove the “plaque.”

We know flossing isn't anyone's favorite activity, so help them stay motivated by flossing with them. Leading by example also means extra bonding time and allows you to notice any issues your child might have with flossing too hard or missing their molars. And you'll have better oral health too!