Fear of going to the dentist and not using dental insurance

If you’re paying for a dental plan but not going to the dentist, you’re not alone!  Fear of going to the dentist is a common factor.

Dental anxiety is common and often stops people from seeing the dentist. It’s important to remember that fear comes at a cost, and that cost goes up the longer you wait to visit the dentist.

Dental coverage encourages preventive care

Dental benefits are one of your biggest advocates for preventive care. That means that regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and checkups are covered at the highest percentage. In most cases, these preventive checkups are 100 percent covered! 

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Regular preventive care appointments with your dentist stop bigger problems from forming in your mouth. These problems, like periodontal disease and dental caries, cause longer appointments, require treatment plans, can be more uncomfortable, and cost more than preventive care.

If you are skipping appointments due to fear, it’s important to talk with your dental team about it. They will have solutions to make you feel comfortable in the office.

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Dental coverage on basic restorative procedures

Restorative dental care is the next step in treatment beyond preventive care. These procedures repair decay and gum disease through cavity fillings, root canals, and other similar treatments. They cost more than preventive care but are covered at a lower rate.  That means you’ll pay more out of pocket to have them done than a regular preventive checkup.

Don’t let fear of going to the dentist stop you from going to the dental office. The best way to avoid restorative dental care is to attend regular preventive check-ups.

Dental coverage pays less for major procedures

The big stuff, like crowns, bridges, and dentures are classified as major procedures. They are expensive and covered at the lowest percentage rate in dental plans. Don’t lose out on making the most of your dental benefits by skipping the dentist. It’s not worth waiting until you may need a major procedure. Save time, money, and discomfort by sticking with regular visits.

You can overcome fear of going to the dentist

Overcoming fear of going to the dentist takes practice.  The more you ‘practice’ going to the dentist regularly, the more comfortable you will be going. There are also many ways to help ease your anxiety before and during your appointment.

Good oral health habits will reduce the amount of work needed and cost less out of your pocket. Those are great reasons to smile!

*Updated May 2023