What's the cost: Avoiding the dentist

  • Author: Shelby Tatomir

Does the cost of your checkup keep you from going to the dentist twice a year? The real cost of skipping the dentist may be more than you think.

If you’re steering clear of the dentist, you may be impacting more than your mouth. Keeping a healthy mouth is connected to have direct ties to your overall health. Skipping your semi-annual cleanings could affect everything from your head to your heart. That means it’s doubly important to brush and floss regularly and keep up with dentist appointments!

Maybe it's fear of pain or anxiety about the condition of your mouth. But avoiding checkups, cleanings, and regular care impacts more than just your teeth. It can cost you more money and your health. The infographic below shows how avoiding the dentist can negatively affect your health and your wallet.  

If it’s the cost of a dentist appointment that keeps you from getting a cleaning, feel free to contact us today to review your Delta Dental coverage. It’s likely your benefits cover the cost of preventive treatment, like cleanings, more so than restorative treatments. That means it’s cheaper to keep your smile healthy than it is to deal with more costly and even more painful treatments for bigger problems!