3 Ways the Tooth Fairy Can Help Your Child’s Smile

The Tooth Fairy is notorious for sprinkling her fairy dust on our pillows, taking our baby teeth and leaving us a few bucks.

But times have changed, and our favorite fluttering fairy has more magic tricks up her sleeve. Make the Tooth Fairy a magical force in your household to encourage positive oral health habits. Try one of these creative tactics:

Brush up and read up

Put away the iPad and bring out the books! Next time your kiddo loses a tooth, add a new oral health or Tooth Fairy-themed book to their shelf. After all, bedtime stories and brushing go hand-in-hand! Here are a few of our favorite books starring our favority fairy.

Magic over money

Although the tradition of leaving cash is convenient, that change adds up! If your child invested all of the money received from the Tooth Fairy, he could be sleeping on $21,000 by the time they reach the traditional retirement age of 67! If investing isn’t an option, use the loose change to buy oral health supplies or items that encourage good oral hygiene.

Points per pearly white

Keep track of teeth lost over time. The Tooth Fairy can leave “magic tickets” under the pillow. You can also award bonus tickets for dental visits or consistent brushing. Eventually kids can cash in their tickets for a grand prize of your choosing to reward their good oral hygiene habits.

Get creative and show kids the value of smile care!