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What’s Staining Your Teeth? | The Tooth Enamel Egg-speriment

  • January 22, 2020

Eggshells and teeth have entirely different functions. But they have something in common. They’re made of much the same things. Eggshells have a similar chemical composition to our tooth enamel, which means they react similarly to other chemicals. This helps us understand what stains tooth enamel with a simple experiment.

When we brush an eggshell with fluoridated toothpaste, it strengthens the shell and protects it from acid, just like it does for our tooth enamel. In the same way, acid breaks down eggshells just like it does to enamel.

Enamel is the hardest substance created by the human body. But, that doesn’t make it invincible. This experiment can help you and your kids understand how stained tooth enamel happens because of the beverages we drink.

The Enamel Egg-Speriment Results

In this egg-speriment, we use eggs and a variety of beverages – both sugary and acidic – to show how they affect our teeth. Check out how the drinks we consume every day are changing and coloring our tooth enamel!

From coffee and sports drinks to soda and juice, the damage done to our enamel look-alikes will help you never forget to brush your teeth again!

After just 1 hour, the effect is apparent. After 24 hours, it’s even worse, especially when the drink includes sugar.  As a bonus, touch the eggshell to feel how it’s softened.

Try it at home with your favorite drinks and share the results with us!

Tips to Treat Your Enamel Well

Water is always your best choice for a drink. It’s better for your whole body. But there are 3 quick tips to lessen the impact other drinks have on your tooth enamel:

  1. Don’t sip your favorite drink over long periods. That just bathes your teeth in it repeatedly.

  2. Drink water – and even rinse your mouth with it – after you’ve had a drink that is acidic like coffee or soda or one that has sugar like fruit juice.

  3. Chew sugar-free gum after you’ve enjoyed your drink.

All of these steps will get your mouth back in balance with proper saliva flow – which is key to the body’s natural cleaning defense against cavities.

Looking for more tips to brighten your pearly whites?

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What’s Staining Your Teeth? | The Tooth Enamel Egg-speriment