Dental Insurance 102

  • date December 20, 2021

Feeling confident with the knowledge you learned in Dental Benefits 101? It’s time to move up a level!

Insurance terms can be confusing and even intimidating. In fact, only 4% of Americans are able to identify basic insurance terms and definitions.

Health literacy is your ability to understand basic health information from your dentist, physician, or other health care professional. Understanding dental coverage and insurance terms is an important part of overall health literacy, and it will help you use your benefits more effectively.

That’s why we have our Dental Benefits infographic series to help you connect the dots between what your dental plan says and what that means for you!

Our Dental Benefits 102 infographic will put you in that top 4% with your guide to terms like deductible, annual maximum, coinsurance, and more.

Don’t stop your learning here, continue onto Dental benefits 103!