The advantage of healthy employees | Dental benefits for small businesses

Offering robust benefits plans to your employees may seem like a decision made from the kindness of your heart. However, a comprehensive benefits package may also help attract and retain employees. According to a study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, employees consider dental and vision insurance as the third most important benefits when making a job decision. Health insurance and a retirement savings plan take the number one and two spots, respectively. Small business dental plans are good for recruiting purposes, increasing your business’s bottom line and more!

The benefits of healthy employees

According to a study from the CDC that looked at work hours lost due to dental visits, “a total of 92.4 million hours were lost for unplanned visits.” This highlights how healthy employees are an essential part of any successful business. Investing in a small business dental plan can help keep employees productive and at work.

By encouraging preventive care and offering dental benefits in your small business, you can help decrease your staff’s risk of developing serious oral health problems, which may contribute to lost hours of productivity.

Small business dental plans go beyond oral health 

Additionally, employees who use dental benefits are able to get in front of a healthcare professional who can screen them for other related potential health risks, such as diabetes, heart disease or stroke, and certain cancers.

Detecting serious health problems early helps your employees get seen by the appropriate healthcare professional so that they can be treated promptly.

Small businesses with dental benefits attract and keep top talent

Employees want a comprehensive benefits package. According to an article from the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) employees would prefer to have better benefits than a pay raise. Additionally, dental coverage is the number one benefit employees want after medical.

If you aren’t offering a comprehensive benefits package, you may be missing out on top talent. According to an article from Forbes, small businesses that are looking to grow must “embrace health and wellness benefits to recruit and retain top talent.

Today’s employees are looking to work for companies that prioritize their health and wellbeing. If your small business isn’t currently offering a dental insurance plan, it may be overshadowed by companies that do.

Choosing your small business dental plan

If you’re ready to find the perfect small business dental plan that fits the needs of you and your employees, we can help. Visit our employer section online for more information on our small business dental plans. Contact us if you have any questions.