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Rate stability guarantee

Loyalty has its rewards at Delta Dental of South Dakota

We believe great partnerships should be rewarded. That's why we have a unique rate stability program for our group plan clients.

Delta Dental of South Dakota limits annual rate increases to no more than 10% at any renewal. And the longer you’re with us, the lower your potential rate increase. For every 5 continuous years with Delta Dental of South Dakota, the maximum possible rate increase gets lower.


Continuous plan years Maximum annual rate increase*
First 5 Years 10%
6-10 Years 9%
11-15 Years 8%
16-20 Years 7%
21-25 Years 6%
26+ Years 5%

* Costs related to changes in benefit design or employee contributions will be rated separately and could impact final rates.

Note: If a group leaves Delta Dental of South Dakota, the credited years will start over.  If a group leaves more than once, there will be no rate stability guarantee until completing five continuous years.