Oral health programs supported by our foundation 

Mobile Program

The mission of our Mobile Program is to help children who don't have access to a dentist.

Partners For Prevention

Training medical practitioners to provide preventive oral health care and education to their child patients.

Pregnancy and oral health

Promoting collaboration between health care and dental care providers for better oral and overall health for both mom and baby.

Oral health education

Our team of oral health educators travel the state to promote oral health knowledge and good dental hygiene practices.

Early childhood oral health

Our Dentist By 1 and New Smile Kit programs encourage oral health at the youngest ages to promote its importance and establish good dental habits for a lifetime.

Dentist Loan Repayment For Service Program

Loan repayment support for young dentists who agree to treat underserved populations in their practice.

Donated Dental Services

Financial support for donated oral health care to the disabled, elderly or those with special medical conditions. [SD Dental Association]

Sunshyne Smiles

Financial support for donated orthodontic care for children with severe need who cannot otherwise afford care. [SD Dental Association]

Girl Scout patch program

Girl Scouts of all levels can earn the Smile Squad patch through a variety of oral fun activities.

SD Oral Health Coalition

The Oral Health Coalition includes dental professionals; academic, government, healthcare, community, and school organizations with an interest in advancing dental workforce development, access to care, health policy, and education/prevention.

P.A.N.D.A. Program

Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness provides training to dental care providers to recognize signs of abuse and neglect, reporting procedures, and family violence resources.