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What to eat on Halloween | Trick-or-Treating tips for parents

Trick-or-treating tips for parents:

For some, Halloween is the best day of the year. Everyone dresses up in festive costumes, and there’s no lack of sugary sweets to be had. But, for parents, navigating the slippery slope of trick-or-treating can be challenging. You want your child to have fun, but their health and safety are important. If you’re wondering what to eat on Halloween, we’ve got you covered.

Eat before you treat

This is a great rule of thumb for adults and kids alike. Those with a strong sweet tooth and young trick-or-treaters need this important reminder before heading out into the neighborhood for treats.

Eating a good meal before trick-or-treating will fill up your child, preventing the desire for snacking, but that’s not the only benefit! It also gets the saliva flowing, which will help prevent cavities.

Set some rules

It’s easy to indulge in the sweets while going door-to-door. Set ground rules for the number of treats allowed during the neighborhood rounds. It will go a long way in protecting your child’s teeth.

Determining a number ahead of time, or even prohibiting the eating of treats until returning home, will ensure good oral health maintenance. If candy is eaten while trick-or-treating, make sure it isn’t something sticky. Sugar that stays on teeth for a long period of time can result in cavities.

Stick to water

Since Halloween is already a night of sugar, skip the sodas, pops, sports drinks, and juices, and stick to water. There’s no need to increase the already high amount of sugar in the mouth unless you want to increase the risk of tooth decay.

Brush and floss

When all of the scaring and eating and pumpkin carving and costumes is over, be sure to end the night with a good two minutes spent brushing those teeth. Brushing will make sure that anything left over is cleaned from the mouth. Skipping this step equals a higher risk of cavities.

Hand out tooth-friendly items

Let’s face it, no kid is truly excited to receive an apple at someone’s house on Halloween. But, sometimes providing a healthier alternative can go a long way to prevent cavities and harmful bacteria from running amok.

If you don’t want to hand out fruit, consider certain sugar-free items, like gum with xylitol, instead. These treats don’t contain harmful sugars and will increase the production of saliva, to help protect the mouth.

Happy trick-or-treating!