The Ultimate Braces Style Guide | Braces Style and Color

Personalizing your braces style and color is a fun way to express yourself and make wearing braces fun! Our braces color ideas are just a recommendation; make them your own by combining suggestions for a look that’s one-of-a-kind.



Fair Skin Tone Braces Color Ideas:

Teal compliments a fairer skin tone, no matter your undertones. It creates contrast with your complexion. Next on the list for fair skin tones are reds, oranges, and pinks! Those will bring out the rosy, peachy hues in your cheeks.

Bright whites, deep, dark blacks, browns may wash you out, so opt for primary colors, instead.

Medium Skin Tone Braces Color Ideas:

Medium skin tones often have common undertones of yellow, olive, and peach. Warmer greens and blues will look beautiful on you! Turquoise, orange and pinks will make your skin look warm and bright. Great neutral options include taupe, chocolate, or creamy white.

Olive Skin Tone Braces Color Ideas:

Compliment your olive undertones with pinks and fuchsias! Berry colors and wine-colored braces bands will also make your skin glow. Other popular colors for olive skin tones include oranges, browns, and purples.

Fashion advisors recommend steering clear of bright greens, as they could bring out yellowish-green undertones.

Dark Skin Tone Braces Color Ideas:

Dark skin tones really make bold colors pop. Oranges, purples, and bright primary colors like green and blue will look wonderful on you. Hot pink, which can wash out lighter skin tones, is a great hue for you!

Since you have a richer skin tone, you can experiment with pastel colors more than most.


Clear Braces Style and Color:

Ceramic braces are appealing because of their transparent, or clear, appearance. Although ceramic doesn’t stain with items like coffee and tomato juice, the clear elastic ties around them do. Clear ceramic braces draw more attention to stained ties, too, because of the contrast against the ceramic. Stained ties can’t be cleaned, only replaced.

Light Colors Braces Style:

Choosing braces bands that are white, light blue, or light yellow can create the illusion that your teeth are more yellow than they really are. Choosing boldly-colored braces bands will make your pearly whites appear their whitest.


Looking for more ways to personalize and customize braces color ideas? For those who want an entertaining mouth that could draw a crowd, glow-in-the-dark rubber bands, glitter-covered retainers, and 24-karat gold braces are available!

In addition to colorful braces bands, proper oral hygiene is a very important part of maintaining a bright, shining smile! Brush and floss at least twice a day, especially if you’re in braces.