The Craziest Types of Fish Teeth

Have you ever wondered about fish teeth? Wait, do fish have teeth? Whether the thought has crossed your mind or not, we’re here with the answer because teeth are kind of our thing.


All fish have teeth, from the family fishbowl to the big blue sea. One of our favorite  scaled swimmers—the goldfish—hides their pearly whites near the back of their throats to grind food. Similar to shark teeth, goldfish lose and replace teeth throughout their lifetime.

But there are as many types of fish teeth as there are fish. Check out some of the most interesting types of fish teeth:


do fish have teeth

  • Sheepshead Fish
    Sheepshead teeth look like just like ours, at least at first glance. These Atlantic coastal fish have incisors at the front of the jaw with 2 rows of molars in their lower jaws and 3 rows in their upper jaws – all to expertly pulverize prey. And sheepshead fish steal more than our smiles. They are notorious for stealing bait.
  • Pacu Fish
    A South American relative of the piranha, pacu teeth are much more square than their biting brothers. Their human-like chompers are due to their diet—pacu fish are freshwater omnivores and prefer to eat vegetables.



do fish have teeth

  • Goliath Tigerfish
    With 32 sword-shaped teeth, each approximately an inch long, you wouldn’t want to tangle with this fish. This 100+ pound predator swims in turbulent water all throughout the Congo. We’ll stay on shore, thank you.
  • Dragonfish
    This small deep-sea fish has big teeth to go with its terrifying appearance. In addition to its light-producing protrusion, the dragonfish has sharp, fang-like teeth that allow it to grab and demolish their prey in its deep and dark water home.

Now that you’ve read about sheepshead teeth and other fish teeth, check out these fun facts and tips: