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Smoke-Free Smiles: 4 Reasons to Quit

Smoking is for chimneys, imaginary dragons, and serious barbecue. If you aren’t any of those things — and we’re pretty sure you’re not — you should reconsider your tobacco-filled habits.

As you already know, years of research prove how harmful smoking is to our health. From lung cancer to heart disease, lighting up comes with dozens of grave consequences.

Don’t ignore the facts! Remind yourself what extensive tobacco use can do to your smile:

Oral cancer

Tobacco use is the leading cause of oral cancer, and 75% of head and neck cancers are caused by tobacco and alcohol use.  If you find these statistics startling, consider this fact: Eliminating tobacco use can prevent all tobacco-caused cancer!

Unhealty gums

Tobacco use can recede and weaken gums, increasing temperature sensitivity and leaving teeth susceptible to decay. Smokers are also 4 times more likely to develop gum disease.

Teeth stains

Tar and nicotine, 2 major ingredients in cigarettes, stain tooth enamel yellow. Over time, these ingredients build and form brown stains around the gum line.

Smoker's breath

Particles from cigarettes build up in the throat and mouth, creating a lingering “stale” smell. Tobacco use can also affect the salivary glands, causing dry mouth and preventing saliva from breaking down halitosis-causing bacteria.

What are you waiting for? Make like a ninja and kick butts—cigarette butts, that is.

Need help quitting? Contact the South Dakota QuitLine and check out their resources and tips.