This year's resolution: Plan to use your dental insurance

It’s a new year! You probably went through benefits open enrollment and vaguely remember what’s in your company dental insurance plan. If you bought an individual plan, you may be trying to remember where you filed the plan details.

Keeping your dental insurance in order might sound like a chore, but getting a head start on your benefit game plan could ease a few headaches – and toothaches - down the road.

Plan to use your dental insurance

Planning ahead is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your dental benefits. Use the tips below to get started:

Make a checklist

Start with the basics — make a list of preventive services you know you will need. Generally, you should visit the dentist two times a year for a cleaning and exam. Schedule appointments ahead with your dental office. It may take a while to get in. If you need additional dental work like fillings or crowns, get them scheduled right away too.

Review your coverage

Once you know what procedures you need, take a minute to look over your plan. Get familiar with dental insurance basics. What's your deductible? What about your annual maximum? Most plans cover a percentage of procedures up to a specific dollar amount.

You can find all of that information online when you sign in or set up your account at our website, and keep it with you using the Delta Dental mobile app.

Create a timeline

After visiting with your dentist and care team, develop a treatment schedule. If you are unsure if a procedure or treatment will be covered, your dentist can always pre-submit a claim for an estimate of benefit coverage. In some cases it may even be required.

Write it down

A lot can happen in a year! Keep track when you use your insurance throughout the year. This will keep your mind fresh when selecting the best plan for you come next open enrollment.

Here's to a happy, healthy new year!