Oral Health of Older Adults [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the past, losing teeth was just part of getting old. With modern advances in oral health, we now have more power to keep our natural teeth longer than ever before. Tooth loss has declined in recent decades, but some factors still cause tooth loss to affect older adults.

Demographics like income level, education, and tobacco consumption influence tooth loss. And tooth loss is even seen as an indicator of life expectancy from socio-economic “stress” on a person’s life.  So, how does living in South Dakota stack up when it comes to the dental health of older adults? See our infographic below to find out.

And remember, healthy oral hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist will make you more likely to have healthy teeth into old age. It’s never too late to start!

Understand how South Dakota stacks up when it comes to the dental health of older adults.

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