March 6th National Dentist Day: Why Do You Heart Your Dentist?

Every year, March 6 is National Dentist Day and it’s one of our favorite days!

We have lots of  reasons to love the dentist. It might be that minty-fresh smooth-tooth feeling of newly cleaned and polished teeth. And it might be that the visit can help your overall heath, because a checkup can even identify other health conditions.

Others love to visit the dentist because they love their bodies and understand how important dental health is to overall health. When you learn about the connection the mouth has to the whole body, it’s hard not to love the dentist and all they do for us!

Let us know why you love your dentist on this National Dentist Day. Maybe they relieved a toothache, or maybe they make you laugh with their cheesy dentist jokes. Tag us in a post or share one of the images below!


Some people love the dentist because of that minty mouth feeling they get after a fresh cleaning and polishing!

                       Others love the dentist because they genuinely make them smile. Enjoying the company of your dentist can make your appointment much more enjoyable.

Did you know that the dentist knows the tooth fairy? More importantly, do your kids know? Tell the kids before their next appointment to bring questions for the tooth fairy they can ask the dentist.

We all love free stuff! Along with the gift of a healthy smile, the dentist gifts free toothbrushes so we can all stay up on good dental health. Make sure to change toothbrushes every 3 months!

If you want to truly show your dentist the love, visit the dentist regularly for a happy smile and a happy dentist.

Don’t forget to share with us why you and your family and friends love the dentist for National Dentist Day!