Grin! for Kids: Taking kids on adventures in smiling

A healthy smile and a healthy imagination can take kids anywhere. That’s why Scout — a smart, funny llama — is here to help your kids have fun while fighting cavities, eating right and more.

In the new issue of Grin! for Kids, Scout takes kids on an adventure with a magical experiment, cool crafts, and fascinating facts. The fun they’ll find includes:

  • Smart ways to snack to keep their smile healthy.
  • Tips about what to pack to guard their mouth on their adventures.
  • A simple craft that shows how to make a handy llama bag.
  • Great ideas to keep their teeth and the planet healthy, too.
  • Amusing activities that challenge them to come up with smile-worthy captions.

Start your kids on the journey to a healthy smile. Grin! for Kids will entertain them page after page. Share Grin! for Kids with your kids to start celebrating the power of a healthy smile today.

Download a FREE [.pdf] copy of the magazine below!