Grin! for Kids: Friends make your kids smile  

  • date September 19, 2022

Who makes kids smile? You do! And so do their friends. And they’ll meet new friends who will help them keep healthy smiles in the latest issue of Grin! for Kids magazine.

Flossie the cat and Buddy the dog are your kids’ guides for appealing activities, creative crafts and fun facts. Along the way, your kids will learn about the right way to brush, steps to avoid cavities, when to wear a mouth guard, ways to make friends smile, how to be kind to animals and more. Here’s a preview of some of the fun they’ll find in this issue:

  • A fascinating experiment to test foods that can leave cavity-causing acid on their teeth.
  • An exciting game where they can pretend to shop for smile-friendly products.
  • A simple craft that shows kids how to make and share friendship bracelets.
  • A coloring page that links exercise to a healthy mouth.
  • A cute guide to taking great care of animals’ (and kids’) teeth.

Make your kids smile. Grin! for Kids will help them learn the value of a lasting smile and lasting friendships. Share Grin! for Kids with your kids to start celebrating the power of a healthy smile today.

Download a free copy [.pdf] of the magazine below!