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5 Must-Dos When You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you are far from alone. In fact, more than 58,000 South Dakotans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Although diabetes is a serious disease, it can be managed through proper care.

5 must-dos to care for your smile if you have diabetes:

1. Sweat

The American Diabetes Association recommends at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day. This can be anything from walking and jogging to dancing or working in the yard. Activity is an important way to help lower blood glucose, cut insulin resistance, and offers up many other benefits!

2. Plan

Although a meal plan sounds intimidating, there is no need to stress! A meal plan is just a way to help keep your diet in check. You can work with a licensed dietician to help get you started or use these recipes from the S.D. Department of Health. Either way, it’s important to incorporate a well-balanced diet into your life.

3. Monitor

By monitoring (and recording) your blood glucose, you’re able to provide a good picture of your body’s response to your diabetes care plan. Talk to your doctor about how and if you should be checking your blood glucose and what products could help.

4. Connect

Whether it’s online or on the ground, connecting with others can help you stay motivated in making healthier life choice. You can join support groups in communities across South Dakota, community programs or participate in events that help spread awareness or raise funds for a cause.

5. Coverage

Both type 1 & 2 diabetics are at a higher risk of developing dental diseases and oral problems. Because of this, it’s important to take a look at your dental coverage. You may be eligible for special benefits to help you manage your oral health with benefits that cater to specific health conditions that can be improved with additional oral healthcare.

Be sure to  visit with your dentist about your diagnosis and consult your doctor about diabetes.