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Medicaid dental benefits

Supporting oral health for Medicaid patients through benefits administration and programs that promote access to care.

Delta Dental of South Dakota has administered Medicaid dental benefits in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services since 1996. As a nonprofit company with a mission to improve oral health, we believe a successful Medicaid dental program is an important part of fulfilling our mission with a focus on: 

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    Fast, efficient, and accurate claims processing;

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    Increasing access to dental care; and 

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    Support for patient care. 

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DDSD's care coordinators can help dental offices serve Medicaid patients with education and assistance to increase treatment plan and appointment compliance.

Care coordination
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Learn details of the treatment approval process and payment structure for pediatric orthodontic benefits for SD Medicaid patients. 

Medicaid ortho
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Learn how to enroll as a Medicaid provider, see the provider manuals and fee schedules, and access the provider portal. 

SD Medicaid info

Benefit summaries for Medicaid patients 

These information fliers can help you explain Medicaid dental benefits to eligible patients and their families.

To help you serve Medicaid patients 

Language translation service 

Delta Dental of South Dakota provides FREE language translation services to dental offices and patients through Language Line Solutions. To access an interpreter:

  1. Dial: 1-800-523-1786
  2. Provide: client ID 738064
  3. Indicate: language
  4. Provide: dentist license number

Document the name and ID# of the interpreter for your reference. Brief the interpreter and provide any special instructions.

Materials about the Language Line service to have at your office are available upon request from DDSD. 

Travel reimbursement 

The South Dakota Medicaid program provides reimbursement for non-emergency travel out-of-town to medical appointments, including dental appointments. This may help encourage your patients to make appointments and complete treatment plans.

Details are available on a webpage from the Dept. of Social Services (DSS), and a brochure you can print and provide to Medicaid patients is linked below (note this brochure link is to the DSS website):


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