How to HTOW

Your dental office toolkit for the Health through Oral Wellness® program

Welcome to How to HTOW! These online training resources will help your office get started as a participating Health through Oral Wellness provider. We’re excited to have you join this exciting new benefits program and look forward to helping you improve the oral health of your patients.

Each video explains in detail - with examples – a different part of the PreViser risk assessment process that is key to the Health through Oral Wellness program. Watch each video in order and refer to the helpful resource documents and FAQ for additional reference. You are welcome to pause and rewatch the videos and download and print the documents to learn in whatever way suits you best.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Contact Kelly Tedford by email at or by phone at 877-841-1478. Thank you for being a part of Health through Oral Wellness.

The new PreViser Clinical Suite is here!

You asked and PreViser listened! Watch this video for a demonstration of the new features and enhancements you'll find in the new Clinical Suite Version 5.

The update includes a new way for patients to complete non-clinical assessment questions in advance and a copy/paste shortcut to add benefit messages to patient notes. It also sports a new modern design for a better user experience.




Module 1

What is PreViser?

Learn about the PreViser risk assessment tool and how it applies to the Health through Oral Wellness program.


Module 2

Office enrollment

Follow this guide to enroll your office and set up the PreViser online tool to become a participating Health through Oral Wellness provider.


Module 3A

Create a bookmark

Save time signing in to the PreViser online tool by creating a bookmark in your web browser to help find the site quickly.


Video 3B

Create a shortcut

Create a shortcut on your computer desktop for quick access to the PreViser online tool.








Module 4A

DDSD patient lookup

Use DDSD's online tool to determine patient eligibility for Health through Oral Wellness and benefit eligibility status for all DDSD patients.


Module 4B

Call for a Faxback

Use an automated phone sytem to request a fax reply about a patient's eligibility for Health through Oral Wellness and other DDSD benefits.


Module 5

Patient validation in PreViser

Learn how to validate a patient to complete a PreViser risk assessment. This step is important to ensure patient information is accurately recorded and gives your patient the opportunity to unlock additional benefits.


Module 6

Risk assessment demonstration

Watch a demonstration of a PreViser risk assessment that shows examples of questions you'll encounter and screens you will see when performing an assessment.






PreViser is an easy to use online tool that accurately identifies the risk of oral disease, the severity of periodontal disease and the restorative needs of your patients. These numeric scores are delivered in colorful patient reports and identifies risk on a scale of 1-5 and disease severity from 1-100, making scores easy to track over time.

There are many benefits to using PreViser:

  1. When patients receive the PreViser oral health assessment report, they are more likely to comply with your treatment recommendations while increasing practice productivity.

  2. Using PreViser saves time by improving communication between dentists, dental hygienists and patients.

  3. Using PreViser identifi es virtually all patients with oral disease, fully informs them of their need for treatment while shielding the practice from any claims of a failure to diagnose and treat periodontal disease.

  4. Because PreViser oral health scoring is objective and evidence-based, it facilitates rapid approval of treatment plans and claims reimbursement.

  5. Patients with the Health through Oral Wellness program may unlock additional benefits, depending on their PreViser risk scores. 

Health through Oral Wellness is a patient-centered program that adds benefits to a Delta Dental of South Dakota plan based on individual oral health needs.

The PreViser assessment measures the risk and severity of gum disease, oral cancer and tooth decay. Additional benefits are based on an individual’s risk and severity scores. See the Summary of Additional Benefits for details. 

  1. Navigate to and follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Click ‘Find My Practice Information,’ select the dentist and location from the list, and click ‘Submit.’ Please note that a separate registration is required for each practice location.

  3. Complete the required fields and click ‘Register.’

  4. You will receive an email from PreViser advising you to complete and validate your registration by visiting and selecting ‘My Account.’

To learn how to maximize the value of this important tool, view the training videos on this webpage. If you have any questions or are unable to locate the dentist information you entered, please call us at 1-877-841-1478. 

On this webpage you'll find step by step videos and resources to get you enrolled, started and proficient at using the PreViser risk assessment tool and unlocking Health through Oral Wellness additional benefits for your patients at high risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

Like any new technology, the first few times clinicians complete a risk assessment, it may take five or six minutes. Over time the assessments will become much faster. Once the initial evaluation is completed for a patient, the system will maintain the information, so each year, only changes to the patient information need to be updated. This process may only take seconds.

Clinicians using the tool have expressed that the assessment tool saves time in terms of production. Since the majority of patients unlock additional benefits at the time of the assessment, further services like fluoride and sealants can be provided immediately. 

Yes. PreViser’s scores for periodontal disease risk and severity are both clinically validated in peer-reviewed studies, as is the score for restorative needs. Caries and oral cancer risk are based on the best research available.

In addition, PreViser is used in a number of hygiene schools and dental colleges. Details on PreViser’s research papers can be found on the PreViser website

PreViser gives patients numeric scores describing the state of their oral health. These scores are similar to other scores they are already familiar with, like cholesterol levels, credit scores, etc. As a result, they gain insight into their current health and health risks. The patient also gains valuable insights into the importance of maintaining or improving health. 

Yes, in addition to this website, you can visit the Previser website or call us at 1-877-841-1478. 

There is no cost to the dentist for a PreViser account. The license is provided free to you by Delta Dental of South Dakota. 

Yes. All Protected Health Information (PHI) is encrypted. Only encrypted patient information is sent over the Internet to PreViser for analysis and returned to you in the form of reports. As a result, PreViser has no ability to compromise patient privacy since they have no ability to identify an individual human being.

PreViser servers are located in a hosted Class A hardened data facility ensuring 99% uptime and security. 

Chrome or Firefox work best, as will Safari on an iPad. All versions of Internet Explorer will be slower than other browsers, and versions earlier than IE 8.0 will not work at all. 

As with other applications in your office, it is a good practice to change the password to your PreViser account when someone leaves your employment. You can easily do this from the PreViser web page by clicking My Account / Active Clinician / Individual / Inactive

Not today. However, PreViser is actively working with major vendors to incorporate this feature. 

It is recommended that dentists with multiple locations set up an account for each location so each patient population within a practice is not blended with patients from a different practice location. 

Clicking “Correct” will return you to the data collection form that generated the oral health report. You can then make changes and click “Submit.” Use this option if you made an error in entering the clinical observations. Please note, you can make changes in the report up to midnight of the date of service. However, for Delta Dental of South Dakota subscribers who are eligible for the Health through Oral Wellness program, the “Correct” option will override the original score only on the same date as the original risk assessment submission. If you submit the correction after the date of the original submission, the original score will not be overridden. If the correction needs to be made after the date of the risk assessment submission, please call Delta Dental to assist you. 

The risk assessment is a team effort. Entering the information can be split between front office staff and the person doing the assessment. The assessment captures information already being gathered. Typically, the front office staff will enter and validate the patient information and eligibility. The hygienist will input the patient’s clinical information and the dentist will review the treatment plan. 

Everyone! Many clinicians use the risk assessment tool on all of their patients because it opens oral health conversations and provides the patient with a report card of their current oral health status.

Many Delta Dentals across the nation are using the PreViser risk assessment tool. However, the Health through Oral Wellness programs vary between states. For more information about Delta Dental of South Dakota’s additional benefits, refer to the Summary of Additional Benefits

The patient may not have the disease at this time, but they can have risk factors that increase the likelihood of getting the disease. If we intercept the disease before it happens, we will improve patients’ oral health.

If you are performing a comprehensive assessment, there is also a score for caries and oral cancer. And for Delta Dental Health through Oral Wellness program members these scores may unlock additional benefits. 

Caries risk assessments are reimbursed each benefit year for Delta Dental of South Dakota patients age 3 years and older. For risk assessments to be billed, there must be a caries risk assessment, or a combination caries and perio assessment. There is currently no ADA perio risk assessment code. Therefore, a perio-only risk assessment cannot be billed at this time. 

Many of our plans have Prevention Pays. With Prevention Pays, qualifying diagnostic or preventive services no longer count toward a patient’s annual maximum. These include all Health through Oral Wellness benefits. Use the DDSD Patient Lookup tool to see if your patient’s plan has this enhancement. 

Risk assessments must be entered using the active Health through Oral Wellness plan information. If both plans have Health through Oral Wellness, do the assessment under the primary plan. Coordination of Health through Oral Wellness additional benefits will only occur if both plans have the Health through Oral Wellness program. Otherwise, only the plan with the Health through Oral Wellness program will apply. 


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