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Here you'll find the tools and information to make it easy to work with us so you can make the most of caring for your patients.


Office alerts: 

  • It's the start of a new benefit year for many of our members that have Health through Oral Wellness (HTOW) included in their plan. Please note that the PreViser risk assessment must be completed once every benefit year for the additional HTOW benefits to remain active. The benefits are unlocked for life as long as the patent's plan includes HTOW and an annual risk assessment is completed.
  • Dental offices will soon receive an IRS 1099 form from us in the mail. This 1099 contains payments from Delta Dental of South Dakota only. If you received payment from the SD Medicaid program in 2021, your Medicaid payments will be included on a 1099 form from the State of South Dakota.
Updated: 1/24/22
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SD Medicaid dental care

Find resources to help you serve Medicaid patients, including provider manuals and fee scheules, care coordination resources, and benefits summaries to give to patients. 

SD Medicaid info
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Are claim delays costing you?

Incomplete information can delay processing a claim by more than a week. Use our checklists to make sure your submitted claims and predeterminations are complete for faster processing.

Get checklists
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See the new PreViser Clinical Suite!

Watch this video for a demonstration of the new features and enhancements you'll find in the new Clinical Suite Version 5. You don't want to miss out on the improved user experience!

Watch the video

Medicare Advantage

Learn about the new South Dakota provider network for Medicare Advantage plans, how to participate, and the network reimbursement for participating providers.

How to HTOW

Our video series will help your office get started as a Health through Oral Wellness provider. Learn how to set up and use the PreViser risk assessment tool to help your patients improve their oral health.

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Dentist office tools 

DDSD patient lookup

Check benefits, eligibility and claims information for patients covered by Delta Dental of South Dakota.

National Delta Dental patient lookup

View benefits, eligibility and claims for patients covered by Delta Dental companies outside of South Dakota.

EFT & EOB reports

Review electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments and EOBs from Delta Dental of South Dakota.

Enroll in EFT

Get paid faster with secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments. Available free to Delta Dental participating dentists.

Claim checklists

Use these checklists to ensure your submitted claims and predeterminations are complete for faster processing. Each checklist is provided in table and check-box styles.

Delta Dental dentists' handbook

Download a [.pdf] copy of the Delta Dental dentists' handbook of codes and processing policies.

Teledentistry guidance

Initial guidance regarding the use of teledentistry in the delivery of limited, problem-focused examinations. Guidance and coverage is effective March 16, 2020.

Oral Hygiene Instruction guidance

Guidance for Oral Hygiene Instruction (D1330) provided to certain patients with plans that include Health through Oral Wellness.